Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Christie Brinkley


Despite her age the 57 year old former super model and Ex-wife of piano man Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley is still turning heads. I have to say she is holding up pretty well. While she isn’t the glamour queen she once was, she still at least resembles the beauty she was when she first appeared on the front of various magazines so many years ago. One doctor contributes her youthful look to, well of course, plastic surgery. Possible procedures include a facelift and an eyelid surgery. Being a former super model Christie’s look is closely critiqued from her head to her toes, and it is apparent that she has definitely had some help with her forehead. She has no signs of wrinkles across her forehead and no sun damage in her face. Her new younger appearance is the work of great plastic surgeon with the help of a little Botox, Restylane and perhaps a little Juvederm as well.

The fullness of her breast may suggest that Christie may have had a breast augmentation done. But, Christie says she hasn’t ruled out plastic surgery and was commented as saying, “I’m just a chicken, I don’t think I would be brave enough to do it.” However, there is still a lot speculation on how much cosmetic surgery Christie Brinkley has had.

Christie Brinkley and Plastic Surgery?

While many people might think she’s too old to make the tabloids, Christie Brinkley’s cosmetic surgery gossip still holds a prominent place in a lot of magazines to this day.
Brinkley, who held the longest running contract a model ever possessed in history with Cover Girl, is famous for her stints on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in addition to her marriage to Billy Joel.
Christie Brinkley plastic surgeryGiven that she’s made her career from her looks, it only makes sense that Brinkley would still draw a lot of looks in her 50s, but as the years go on even more rumors of celebrity plastic surgery fly.

Has Christie Brinkley Had Surgery?
While she might have been eclipsed temporarily by Lady Gaga plastic surgery gossip or Angelina Jolie plastic surgery rumors, Brinkley has been a favorite target for plastic surgery celebrity speculations.

While Brinkley has been quoted in public as saying that she doesn’t rule out plastic surgery as an option, she has alluded that she’s “just too chicken,” or at least she was at the time she said it. While she hasn’t become a victim of bad celebrity plastic surgery, not like Mickey Rourke or Michael Jackson had anyway, people expect to see certain signs of aging, even when you’re a blond bombshell.

And of course when people don’t see crow’s feet or laugh lines, and your skin remains taught and wrinkle free, that’s when the rumor mills start spinning.

However Brinkley hasn’t said yay or nay to whether or not she went under the knife, so all we have is supposed before and after pictures, supported by the opinions of fans and doctors who like to weigh in on the plastic surgery guessing game.

Christie Before and After Photos?
It may seem unfair comparing pictures of Brinkley now, while she’s in her 50s, to when she was much younger, but you need to take a look at how she changed and aged over time to see whether or not there’s any weight at all to the rumors of her getting plastic surgery.

According to Celebrity Plastic Surgery, there is speculation that Brinkley has gotten a brow lift, possible eye lid surgery and has most certainly undergone the use of Botox and face fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.

The justification for all of these declarations is that most women don’t age as well as Brinkley, no matter the exercise routines, genes or diet they keep.
Her forehead is wrinkle free, and the corners of her eyes are free from crow’s feet. Her skin is just as smooth now as it was decades ago, and it doesn’t appear to have any sort of sun damage.

Thin evidence for speculation, but since no doctors have stated they’ve performed procedures, and Christie Brinkley plastic surgery rumors haven’t been addressed by the long term model either to confirm or deny them, speculation is really all that we and the tabloids have to go on.


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